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Our Children’s Great Adventures (Part 1)

Here’s the photo story of an epic afternoon adventure…

Let’s go down to the farm!

We went to visit our beloved goats…

…then we followed our goats into the fields!

Dark clouds were fast approaching. Suddenly…

Rain began to fall

Our t-shirts became head covers…

Walking through high grass and plants covered with spines, and…

Someone forgot his shoes!

…but the bigger boys are ready to help!

Here comes the big brother!

Our teenagers Kong and Pa, whose task is to take care of the goats, joined the children’s expedition…

…helping the younger brothers

We are having so much fun together!

Even though we start to feel a bit cold…

Finally, we reached the river

Let’s dive!

This vast green land used to be covered by water…

Many months of drought made the water level drop several meters, revealing a whole new landscape.

The stream of water that remained, flowing unceasingly, carved its own bed, reshaping the landscape.

The sliding park!

… and more dives!

The tree trunk in the river

Our little explorers

We are in the middle of rainy season.

Now the water level is rising, and it will cover this whole land again…

These green fields will become a lake again… soon!

Let’s go back!

Hurry up, we will be late for meditation!

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