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Our Gift… is You!

It has been a challenging year for all humanity. At Baan Unrak, we have done our best to send our love and compassion to all. No matter how far, with our minds, we reached you all.

The past years, during the Holiday Season, we used to receive special people, just like you! As you can see in these previous articles:

There are many good people in the world. They are silently doing notable and wonderful things. We are hardly aware of their existence because they move with a light step not disturbing or bothering anyone. Whatever they do it has the power to relieve pain and restore hope. Their touch is a balm to humanity’s wounded heart.”

They are more than you may think. They are sacrificing daily out of the goodness of their heart, without witness and you cannot find their deeds in newspapers.”

To keep the magic of Baan Unrak alive, there is a delicate balance…

Our Home of Joy depends on the external help of well-wishers like you…

…to cover the operational costs of providing housing, food and education to 130+ children in need, 20+ care-mothers and local staff.

Our sustainability projects cannot cover our expenses: the Weaving & Sewing Center, Restaurant & Café, Garden & Farm, they are a mean of providing employment to local people in need, while also functioning as vocational training for our children.

The Outreach & Relief, the Women’s Project, and the new Elderly Project, are even more ways we found to help our local community.

If you wish to support our efforts…

these holidays, or on a continuative basis, we would be more than happy!

You can do it here:

Life is like a boomerang…

What you give, will come back to you!

From the depth of our hearts:

Good News! We are happy to announce that our proposed project to create a clinic at Baan Unrak has been approved!

It will be partially funded by the Bolzano province, Italy, to which we wish to give our warmest thanks.

However, the project is not entirely funded, so if you wish to help us, you can do it here.

Thank you again

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