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Our girl football team

This week our girls ran excitedly in the football field with the football matches going on with other schools in town.

This was four days in a row grand occasion, where our girls waiting, laughing as well as receiving an award in the end!

This was not a fair football match actually, because our opponents were high school team sand even teacher teams, while our girls are only junior high school students, so they  were taking this match seriously and playfully at the same time.

We headed to the football field in the children home of the forest, which is a very lovely and nice futsal field. Daniel, the head of the children home of the forest, generously sponsored this annual football match, and he is actually the man that inspired the whole community to make so many football teams in town.(there were 7 entrants this year)

Our first match started very well, Amo, our MVP, did her best job to help us win the first score and we took a two-nothing lead in the first half, but unfortunately our opponent managed to tied it in the second half.

Our second match is simply a five-one overwhelming victory to us. Amo had one score, Bee had one and Fon had three!That match made our day! Our girls were singing and jumping over this victory.

Well, victory and defeat are both common in battle. We lost our third match with one-five. But to our comfort, that team won the first prize in the end.

Our opponent in the last match, with an average age of 16, looked so tough that it seemed to be a bullying game, and we lost it very badly with a five-two ending, but at least our little girls broke their seemingly indestructible goal two times! Sandaso and Fon are our heroines! Hurray!

It turned out that we won a fourth place of this football match, which is actually very good considering our ages, and our girls are very happy with the trophy and 500-baht bonus!

It worth talking a bit more when it comes to girls’ football, because some of our players were afraid of playing football, especially when the ball hit them painfully. But our girls tried and practiced very seriously for this match, and they are pretty good at it now.

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