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Our New Manager

Baan Unrak began 27 years ago. Our manager Didi was young at that time but now that she is getting older she felt that she has to prepare a team to take on the duties to run the organization so that Baan Unrak can continue. As she still has the energy she just wants to distribute some of the day to day responsibilities.

One of big hope is Chusak Kalayanatham. He came to Baan Unrak 25 years ago as a baby boy of only 6 months old. Now he has completed his education and has one year experience as manager of a large export company that bring containers of frozen food to China. He now has returned to be the manager of Baan Unrak. He is an active worker and will have a different kind of approach under the supervision of Didi.  Chusak Kalayanatham will learn how to manage the home. Didi is preparing a team of ex-children that will pick up the jobs and tasks to continue Baan Unrak.

She will take a less active roll and will be always in the background. She will be dealing with the overall health of the children, educating them on natural medicines and foods as well as taking care of their emotional and mental needs.

Chusak will handle the organization of the home, keeping up with the day to day management and Didi will take over the personal side of the home.

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