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Paula Brings Clean Energy to Baan Unrak

We are very blessed. Many great volunteers come to Baan Unary. Some volunteer are so committed to us that they come back again and again to help us. One of those volunteers is Paula.

Paula came to know us five years ago. She returned again and again to Baan Unrak. Her commitment is not only when she is here but when she is in her country too.  She is also thinking about us and making connections to enrich and better the lives of the children at Baan Unrak.

Paula helps us to get big donations. One of the donations is the Ford car we utilize. She was also able to motivate the McGraw Hill education team from Singapore to come and make a program for us. They put together the Baan Unary English Academy. The latest project she made happen was to bring Premier Group to come and install the solar panels at Baan Unrak. This was a huge venture and will make such a difference for the Baan Unrak home.  Not only is it great for the environment it will help with overall costs.

All of Paula’s life she has dedicated to the environment. It has always been a desire for Baan Unrak to heal the earth by utilizing clean energy.   Paula utilized her connections to help bring our dream to become true.  Solar panels are a practical solution to clean energy and saving money.

We are very grateful for Paula and all her hard work!

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