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Prema's wonderful journey: going abroad

For every child comes a time to leave the place, where they grew up.

Now this day has come for Prema: she is ready to spread her wings and fly.

Prema came to Baan Unrak as a miracle.

She was a very small baby and needed intensive care. Still, together with her mother, she was denied the care in the hospital.

We met them when the mother brought us the tiny baby, who was fitting her palms.

No-one supported them, and Baan Unrak was the only hope for the child.

Prema stayed with us, and grew up to become an intelligent and beautiful girl.

She always had a passion to help others, when they need someone next to them, just like she did years ago.

After she graduated from the university and came back to Baan Unrak to dedicate a year of her life to help ... She feels grateful to Didi and the home for the chances she got in life.

Then Prema went to work to other parts of Thailand and has became independent and self-confident.

Now it is time for a new stage of Prema's life: she is going abroad. She is traveling to New Zealand.

Just a couple of days before leaving the home, she rescued a baby, who needed help. This baby is very small and has no governmental support, she cannot survive without the help of Baan Unrak, just like Prema herself many years ago.

We are witnessing a beautiful circle of life.

Prema is letting go her old life to embrace the new experiences. And as she has become strong, she brought us a new child to take care of. This is how all our personal stories are intertwined, creating a delightful pattern, a Mandala of life.

Baan Unrak family is happy for Prema.

We had a special evening to spend some time together, before she goes away. Children came to say inspirational words to her, to wish luck and happiness in her new place. Some wrote small notes to her and some even drew pictures.

Some very important words were said this day.

Many memorable pictures were taken.

It is going to bring new challenges, but also new experience, new joy and many new friends.

Bon voyage, Prema!


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