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Saikama’s HIV/AIDS Project

Saikama has dedicated her life to the HIV/AIDS patients and their families in Amphoe SangkhlaBuri.  In the beginning of 2017 Social Welfare had donated to Baan Unrak money for an awareness and prevention program of HIV/AIDS.  It was Saikama and her team of volunteers that decided to take the lead on accomplishing that task. Their visits and counseling of HIV / AIDS patients and their families was extremely helpful. Giving advice on contraception to those infected to minimize exposure. Saikama helped pregnant women with prenatal care and early blood tests to reduce mother-to-child infection. As well as a campaign for people to get regularly tested to for awareness before marriage.

Through these seminars and counseling they develop the necessary knowledge and skills to work in accordance with preventing the problem for the public health in the area and protect oneself from infection.

Sex education for the youth and adolescent to provide the skills and knowledge needed for self-care and prevention from disease is a large part of the project.  As well as, continual checkups and medication for those living with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Baan Unrak Foundation is very happy to be part of this project with Saikama.

Baan Unrak Foundation

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