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Self Help - Part 1

During these two months of vacation, the children stayed in Baan Unrak.

This was a golden opportunity to acquire some survival skills.

First, we needed raw materials to build something. In Thailand, Bamboo is a natural element of considerable value. It grows very quickly and it is hard enough for our purpose. It allows us to do a multitude of things.

We start by marking the desired size.

It is the time to use our physical power!

Now that it's cut, all we have to do is bring the bamboo to our car.

We have an amazing handy worker. He has a lot of manual skills. The children are learning so fast under his guidance.

Some children adapt quickly. They handle the tools in a very natural way.

But others learn by struggling.

After hard-work, it's good to do a little general maintenance. The stairs to access the new bamboo houses are damaged. let's fix that.

Sometimes they can work so hard and diligently but ...

... Don't worry, they know how to have fun too.

And when it's too hot, taking advantage of a little shaded corner makes feel so good.

With the help of natural ressources and by joining forces, supporting each other they build their home.

Good job guys !!

Next article we will go to see what our girls are up to.


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