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Self Help - Part 2

Even raining, our girls wanted to participate and love to go out in the jungle to pick up all kinds of herbs to cook for their healthy and delicious lunch.

Firstly, we all are getting in the car and wearing the dress for the weather.

On the way to jungle, have some funny talk.

Now, we are ready!

The starting point of all achievement is desire.

Let's go and let’s find for picking up the different kinds of herbs.

Being fully wet doesn't mean we cannot be elegant!

Watch out for slippery rocks in the water!

Here is the fruit of our hard work.

Now, ready to go back to our home!

All that had been picked up, need to be cooked. Isn't it ?

It made us so hungry to see what they have cooked.

Look at this!!

These are delicious foods that is displayed in front of our children.

The girls are happy to distribute them to all these hungry children.

Our girls don't just tend to the food chain. They also take part to a hard work, sometimes alone, sometimes with the boys for the best of our children community.

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