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Now it is the school holiday and all the children are working together for the home. From big to small, they all want to give something back.

They do their best to paint, clean and take care of the garden. Amazingly, some children took the initiative to teach the small children dance, yoga, and singing.

The children really do an incredible good job creating a new set of performances for next month. On the 19th and 20th of April we have the performance so they have to practice very hard now.

Baan Unrak management decided that we should give a little financial contribution to the children, so they can have some money and get ready for the Water Festival. As the home doesn’t have money, decided to create our own coupons. The children can take snacks and candy from our store using the Baan Unrak Currency.

The house is full of excitement and activities. It is nice to see how the little ones collect garbage, how the bigger sisters teach them, and how the big boys organize the stock room and take guard duty. It is very apparent from any visitors that Baan Unark is a growing community full of vibrant life and joy.

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