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Short and Sweet visit by our friends from Wilai Foundation

We have got guests!! And this time it’s our friends from Wilai Foundation 😊

All of us at home have been looking forward to their arrival as we have prepared surprise performances for them. The children gathered and sat on the floor in the dining hall facing our guests and volunteers who were sat on the chair. They offered beautiful songs, some of the teenage girls performed a lovely Indian dance and there was also a wonderful show of Acro yoga. It was incredible. Our guests were seen happy and enjoying the show as much as the kids did. The day ended well with a special dinner together and this time we have Pizza for everyone.

They interacted with the children and Jim, one of the Directors of the foundation expressed his admiration towards the children and how well they carried themselves.

A visit to the bakery was arranged to see and learn how we can serve better. A new dish was introduced in the menu, vegan egg and toast, and it is definitely worth trying. They also generously donated a new pizza oven, gas stove, kitchen shelves and a working table to further improve the efficiency and quality of work at our bakery.

Meanwhile some of them went to the bakery, Joanne, one of the members, went to our weaving center to have a look at our products. She is carrying with her some of our weaved clothes to be sold back in her place and she also ordered some special pouches which she would use to place a candle jar with special messages written on them, as a mean to “raise funds for the Wilai Foundation”.

On the last evening of their stay, everyone from the Wilai Foundation had a beautiful dinner together with Didi. It was an absolute pleasure to have everyone from Wilai Foundation over at our home and we sure hope that we will keep working together for the betterment of the children.

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