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Soldiers and Sangklaburi governor at Baan Unrak

The medical team of the Thai army from Kanchanaburi paid us a surprise visit early Sunday morning. The head of the village made his way up to Baan Unrak, telling us that the medical team of the Thai army would be coming to monitor the health of the children.

The army were worried about our health and the health of the villagers around. It had been raining so much and our land was not accessible by car. We were overwhelmed as we did not expect the soldiers to care for our children, but it was real and it made us feel very good.

We surprised them too as we were all quite healthy. They were expecting sickness, instead they found a band of children frolicking with excitement, joy and full of life.

We enjoyed the company of those strong ‘men and woman’ soldiers. I think they liked us too.

The surprise was only completed when the governor of Sangkhlaburi also paid us a visit, while the soldiers were check our health. His presence was very warm and heartfelt. We could see what a nice man he is.

Everyone did their job efficiently and after they had finished, we were happy to have the chance to give them our Baan Unrak’s message that everything is love, we were able to show our gratitude by singing our “Thank you” song for them.

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