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Spiritual booster

Baan Unrak is not an ordinary children's home.

Here, children not only play, study, do sports and physical and intellectual work. At the forefront is spiritual practice.

An annual spiritual conference was held in Baan Unrak this year. Around 60 people - yogic monks, didis and dadas, and spiritual seekers - gathered to share inspiration with each other and with our children.

The children were very happy with the guests. They prepared two traditional dances, one Thai and one Indian, to the song of devotion.

There were many interesting programs for the little ones, for teenagers and for those who are ready to immerse themselves in spiritual practice.

Children took part in any programs of their choice. We got to know each other better and made a lot of new friends.

Together we have created a beautiful natural mandala. It was a meditative process.

The guests brought their energy to Baan Unrak and the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam (everything is love) sparkled with new colors.

Children love to chant the mantra and it's great to see them sitting down to meditate on their own for a longer practice.

Every day we had a wonderful children's program. It was a lot of running, jumping and laughing. All participants enjoyed it.

Every day we did yogic exercises - asanas.

In the evening there was RAWA (cultural program). Children and adults prepared a variety of performances: songs, dances, and many unexpected things.

As always, the children amazed us with their yoga show with elements of acrobatics. They came up with this performance themselves under the guidance of Rochana, a 11th grade student. It was incredible!

Girls love to dance. A lively and perky traditional Karen dance, followed by some pop dances from younger girls.

And the children showed us real kung fu! They staged a drama, which tells that even the weaker can resist the strong (if works hard, of course).

Guests from Vietnam introduced us to the traditional song.

Then Dharma blew us away with a dance to the song of devotion. Undoubtedly, he shone on stage.

Children showed their other talents: for example, these three boys can solve a Rubik's Cube while our teenager-in-charge is juggling.

And this incendiary dance made us all laugh and clap our hands.

We also had a competition! We love to dance and compete, so we decided to find out who is the best in Kaoshiki and Tandava.

Position, ideation, begin!

Tandava. Dada helps the children get into the correct position for dancing – and we are ready! Now that's the power! Our boys gave it their all, now they can take a breath.

The winners received well-deserved prizes.

The guests gave lectures. They told us a lot of new things and inspired us to great deeds.

At the end of the event, the children shared their impressions. They said that they learned a lot in these few days and recharged with inspiration. And they really liked the children's program.

All the visitors got very inspired by the retreat program, participants and our children. We received a lot of good feedback. Everybody is very happy they could visit Baan Unrak and hope to come back soon to enjoy more programs or as volunteers.

We are looking forward to meet again.

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