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Spiritual roots: journey to India

Two graduates of Baan Unrak, Sumitra and Ayati, have recently completed their university studies and returned to contribute to the Home's mission. Having been nurtured in the environment of Baan Unrak, they deeply understand that it embodies more than just a children's home; it is founded on yogic traditions and imbued with its teachings and ethical values.

This time, the determined girls traveled to India to explore the origins and essence of Baan Unrak.

After a short flight to Kolkata, we met our friend, who guided us around the busy city.

The first thing to see: we went to a shore of the majestic Ganga river.

There, near a loud street, is hidden one important place - the very spot where the first disciple received initiation from our Spiritual Master.

With respect and gratitude, we took a moment to sit here and reflect, envisioning the serene beauty of this place decades ago, when the big city hadn't reached the riverside tranquility.

The girls collected some leaves from this significant place to keep the memory alive.

Embracing India with the spectrum of noises, colors, smells, and tastes.

Enjoying the vibe of the authentic streets.

During the two-week journey, the girls had an opportunity to meet local culture and traditions. We saw the Shiva Raatri celebration in a small town, and visited the house-museum of Rabindranath Tagore, the renowned Indian poet, writer, composer, philosopher, social reformer, and painter of the Bengal Renaissance age.

Joy and hardships of traveling across the country.

After a few days of traveling and sightseeing, we finally arrived at our destination: the big spiritual retreat, where thousands of people from all over the world sing and meditate together.

We listened to the touching and inspiring discourses of the senior teachers and directed our minds to the Higher level.

During RAWA (Renaissance Artists & Writers Association) programs, we witnessed the elegance of traditional Indian dances such as Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and others, we also enjoyed drama plays and spiritual songs.

We were honored to participate in a wedding ceremony conducted in accordance with spiritual traditions. This enchanting ceremony involves the exchange of vows by the bride and groom, pledging to uphold each other's physical, mental, and spiritual growth. As guests and witnesses, we commit to supporting the couple throughout their shared journey ahead.

We had a chance to support the poor people of the neighborhood and joined the saree distribution organized by AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team). The women expressed joy and gratitude upon receiving a new saree, highlighting the impact of this act of kindness.

During our travel, we consistently discovered serene spots for meditation offering breathtaking views. At times, reaching these locations involved hiking or even mountain climbing, adding a sense of adventure to our spiritual practices.

Incredible meditation views.

The girls were true to their nature and helpful as always, making friends among the spiritual seekers and kitchen team. They were happy to meet the girls from Indian children's homes, that are closely related to Baan Unrak.

Amazing gardens: enjoying and collecting seeds to bring back Home.

Inspiration for Sumitra

Sumitra, one of our girls, has recently completed her studies and graduated as a physiotherapist. Now one of her main duties in Baan Unrak is taking care of Ishvarii, who has cerebral palsy.

We went to a handicapped children's rehabilitation center, as they were sharing the great improvements for cerebral palsy as an outcome of their therapy. They taught us the practices and exercises they do to reach these results.

We visited the acupuncture and physiotherapy departments, paying close attention to the information shared. We got ideas for treatment and exercise facility improvement.

The visit held particular significance for Sumitra, as she plans to utilize her newfound knowledge to help Ishvarii.

Exploring medical and nutritious herbs: and finding the ones we love so much!


During our trip, we visited the origin of the Baba Nam Kevalam kiirtan. We heard the story of how this profound mantra spontaneously arose in the minds of several yogis; we meditated and enjoyed a meal at this significant historical site.

It felt like touching the history itself.

Assisted by local guides, we discovered numerous locations where our Spiritual Master met disciples and gave His discourses. We took advantage of this opportunity to engage in extended meditation sessions at each of these sacred places.

Our incredible Indian trip has come to an end, but the spiritual journey continues with a new boost.

The girls were excited to come back to Baan Unrak and apply the new knowledge and spiritual inspiration.


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