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Steps to University

We know that the education is the most important tool to give our children. University is a huge gift for them. It is a great financial sacrifice for Baan Unrak but we try our best for the children that really deserve it.

Some of our children after experiencing the working world have decided to go back to study. Now after realizing how hard it is to work in the low pay level they understand and appreciate education for the advantage it will give not only for their life but also for the betterment of all the community. We have two teenagers Matoo and Faith as well as three grown adults Somchai, Krate and Mala. They are great people and we know by helping them we help all the community to grow.

We are beyond proud of Kusuma, Prama, Oratai, Ice, Enao and Jojo that have all graduated from high school on March 2018.

Kushuma will take a gap year to fund her own part of her university fee and the others will enter the university in different places in Thailand. They are all such great children and we are sure they will be of very much benefit for society.

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