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Sumitra’s Graduation

We have wonderful news to share about one of our most positive and well-behaved teenagers in the home, Sumitra. Her hard work has been rewarded with the chance to study in Bangkok, to attend an advanced academic study for her high school program. Not only in studies, she strives to deliver her best in everything that she does and we can see that from how well she takes care of the house throughout her stay in our Bangkok home.

With dedication and commitment, she finally completed her studies and it brought her to the final moment that all of us have been waiting for, the Graduation day. This marks as important day in life and Sumitra has been looking forward to share it with her beloved ones.

Although the news came with much excitement, Didi did feel quite disheartened because she was engaged in a program that requires her presence back in our home at Sangklaburi and she thought she wasn’t going to be able to attend it. But luckily enough, she managed to somehow arrange things and make her way to Bangkok late at night.

Much to her surprise, Sumitra smiled brightly and was very delighted to see Didi, who arrived just in time for the special occasion, at the parents’ sit, proudly watching her joyful face as she walked across the room when her name was called. But the day is not over yet, soon after the ceremony, she was presented the honor awards for performing as the best student. She did excellent in behavior, social work, grades and more. It was definitely a day full of surprises for both Sumitra, Didi and all of her friends.

What a truly remarkable day it was for everyone and they ended it by smiling happily while holding flowers and sharing hugs and happiness 😊

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