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Thank You Doam and Family

Hello everyone, this is Sandy. My monthly visits at Baan Unrak and my work and relationship with the children, mothers and schoolteachers have progressed greatly over the past year.

After many visits to Baan Unrak, I noticed that feminine products were not very commonly sponsored, and the foundation would often end up buying these expensive items. So I asked Didi permission to start a project with the intention to approach companies to sponsor feminine products, due to the high number of female teenagers and adults.

I was not successful in finding a company to sponsor, however, the word had gotten out. One fine morning, I received a text from a family who had raised a certain amount of money. Half of the budget would go towards feminine products while the other half would treat the children and staff with snacks, ice cream and vegetarian burgers, plus a donation for our visit in early December.

When the time came, the children knew exactly what to do. Some children would be assigned the task of serving, while the others would get in line in an orderly fashion, waiting patiently for their turn to get their snacks.

With the burger in one hand and the ice cream in the other, the children thanked Khun Doam for bringing such a joyous weekend to all Baan Unrak.

Baan Unrak community would like to extend our deepest gratitude to thank our sponsors for the amazing weekend:

1. ครอบครัวชาญเชาวน์กุล

2. คุณเสาวนีย์ ศรีสุวรรณกิจ

3. คุณสรวิช สายเกษม

4. คุณมนทิรา นิมิตกุล

5. คุณศิริรัตน์ หาญทวีวัฒนา

6. คุณรัชนี พิกสิต

7. คุณนลินทิพย์ รักษ์บุญยวง

8. คุณจินตนา กุลกอบเกียรติ

9.คุณนวลประภัสร์ บัวพิพัฒน์วงศ์

10. คุณพรเกษม แสงสินศร

11. คุณศิรินันท์ วิเศษสินธุ์

12. คุณสวัสดิ์ ทั่งวัฒโนทัย

13. คุณมนวิภา จารุตามระ

14. คุณมาลินี เต็งอำนวย

15.  คุณอาภาภิมนต์นิธิปิติกาญจน์

16. คุณธนวินท์ โอฬารวัฒน์

17. คุณบุญช่วย จักรงาม

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