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The Calm After the Storm

This is a special week for Thailand and for our children too. The schools have been closed from Friday to Tuesday because of both the celebrations of the new King’s birthday and a Buddhist festivity.


All the children are enthusiastic to have four days  of holidays, it is a great opportunity to spend more time enjoying together.

The village of Sangkhlaburi too is more animated and lively, some tourists came for the weekend and the market is more crowded than usual.

Finally, the storm calmed down a bit and gave us a rest. After many days spent in the house or under the rain, waiting for the weather to improve, we can really appreciate the sunshine.

When the rain does not stop, there is nothing we can do other than patiently waiting, but we never lose our positivity, we are used to gratefully accept whatever the Nature has to offer us.

With the first glimpse of sun, all the children started to play outside. A group of young volunteers organized big team games for the kids, who are always ready to play and share moments of joy.

However, good weather does not mean only leisure and relax: it is also the time for starting working again.

The rain destroys the forest paths and damages the roofs, the walls.

All the property has to be cleaned after a storm, there is so much work to do.

Every morning, the children, according to their possibility, contribute to the recovery process, but even cleaning becomes a game when you do it together.

The love that we all have for our house and our community, gives us the strength to overcome every difficulty, so that every effort becomes a pleasure.

We are lucky to be together.

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