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The Cosmic Boat, and A Dream Made Of Water

SuperElia built his first boat 5 years ago, while in the hospital doing chemotherapy cycles.

Now, the cancer came back. When he told Zia Caterina – she was already here with us in Baan Unrak – he said he would love to have another boat model, to build it, and give it as a present to the oncohematology unit of the hospital, as a memory of his passage. Just as he did the first time…

Zia sent a new boat model to Elia’s home. He was so happy. Then, she said to him: “This will be the boat that will bring you to Baan Unrak!”

“It is a Cosmic Boat, because to cross the oceans… you need a boat of a certain level”, assures Zia. It is an ideal boat, which also crosses fear, pain…

Elia loved the idea, and made it real:

“Elia is a winner, he is extraordinary”, says Zia about him. He is 25 years old now. He comes from Pantelleria, a dream island.

Naturally, he loves water and the sea. So when he became one of Zia’s SuperHeroes, he decided to be represented as a shark. A happy shark!

In Elia’s words, “Zia introduces you to who is suffering more than you, who is better, who is healed… The word SuperHero gives you importance, gives you… gives you strength.

The dream of healing, and being able to come to visit Baan Unrak, keeps him active today. The dream of being on board of the Cosmic Boat, that will bring him here, is for Elia a vision of salvation. It is a vision of beauty, a journey to embark on, a project to realize. A project that will bring Life.

A Dream of Water

Elia became the spokesman of the SuperHeroes for this new, beautiful project to bring drinking water to our Children’s Home, by digging a well into the ground.

The children of Baan Unrak drew, in the way they imagined it, the boat that will take Elia, as the representative of the SuperHeroes, to Baan Unrak. Enjoy it!

It has no boundaries the Courage that is born from Love, and that for Love is realized. It doesn’t take into account any danger, it doesn’t listen to any reason. It pretends to move mountains… and often does.”


Elia was finally able to give the boat to his angels…

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