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The Elves of Baan Unrak Exploring Nature

Our young children are so connected with nature.

They seem to know all the secrets and magic of every stone, plants and grass...

They are the real Elves of our backyard.

Now they are going to explore our vegetable garden, forest and lake...

We are so lucky to have a floating platform down at the lake...

Even though, in the children's mind, it is more of a magical ferryboat, carrying them into a fairytale realm.

They start walking with Dada, "the wise man", who shows them how trees, vegetables, and other little plants are growing...

How amazing nature is...

They walk down the hill, to reach the magical ferryboat!

And to learn to be responsible and independent, the children have to carry their food.

It is so nice to float away on the water...

Everything is an opportunity to celebrate nature!

Now they have fun in the water.

And if the water is muddy, it is even better!

"In this natural environment, without any pollution, mud is therapeutical for everyone..."

It's not just fun... it's a LOT of fun!

Our elves are ready to explore the magic island.

Eating time!

In this magical surrounding, all together on the ferryboat...

any food is so delicious!

The view is much better from the top of a tree!

Everything is much more interesting from up here!

It's time to go home.

We are tired...

Exhausted... but fulfilled!

It is trips like this that create a bond between us,

and make us feel that we are just one loving family.

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