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The Goats of Baan Unrak on Noah’s Ark

On Sunday morning we went to visit our goats at the farm by the lake. Walking under the sun down the hill, the lake looked so beautiful…

We met the goats in their wood and bamboo house in the farmers’ village. And it felt as if the goats were waiting for us! The children sneaked in and started playing with them.

Then we all jumped on the goats’ floating house for a great adventure on the water.


Guided by our farmer named Radio – and powered by a newly donated engine – we sailed across the lake looking for meadows for our goats to graze.

The bamboo floating house was fully loaded with children and goats. It was a scene that resembled Noah’s Ark!

We finally found the perfect place, so we moored the floating house and, goats first, children then, one by one jumped down on mainland.

Our goats were so happy to graze freely in those vast meadows.

And the children were emulating them, jumping around just like… happy goats!

Heading Back…

All good things come to an end. And so, very soon it was already time to leave our funny goats to their grazing and head back. Our farmer brought the children back on the boat, while the goats remained on the other side of the lake till the late afternoon. The children were still very excited on the trip back to Baan Unrak.

It was an unforgettable Sunday morning… wasn’t it?!


We are lucky to have with us two new volunteers at Baan Unrak. They are veterinarians, and will help us to take even better care of our dear goats!

Here you can read the story of our special goat Lucky.

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