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The Story Behind the Gift

One day, Baan Unrak received a guitar as a gift. The guitar was given by a 14 years old boy. He was so self-conscious, he felt that it was not such a good gift, because the guitar had a broken string. Therefore, he was shy to give it…

This young boy could have never imagined how his gift would affect the life of another boy, of the same age, living here in Baan Unrak.

The guitar passed through many children, and eventually went into Vijay’s hands, who was the most passionate to learn.

Vijay passed all his life in Baan Unrak. He came when he was very small.

He grew up with us.

The guitar was the first big gift he ever received.

He loved it from the start.

However, soon after he had an accident…

Vijay broke his leg playing football.

He got a bone fracture surgery. The doctors placed a metal rod and screws in his leg.

He had to pass long days alone. He couldn’t move. During this time, the guitar became so important for him.

Playing guitar helped him a lot to go through this difficult time.

He gradually recovered. We all thought that he was getting better. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he started to feel intense pain again…

It looked serious so we rushed to the hospital without wasting a single moment.

The doctors discovered a bad infection.

We had to go to 2 different hospitals, in Kanchanaburi and Bangkok.

We needed to find the money urgently. We didn’t know who to ask. We reached to our friends in Bangkok…

The young boy who, some months earlier, had donated his own guitar, heard about Vijay’s emergency from his mother and, without thinking twice, made another incredible gift:

He gave 20,000 Baht of his pocket money savings.

We were amazed by this young boy who, without knowing Vijay at all, touched his life in such a significant way:

Through the gift of the guitar, he awakened in Vijay the love for music, and made him company during his lonely time. Then, he contributed to save his leg.

The Spirit of Giving

The young boy gave out of his heart, without expecting anything in return, without knowing how his action would positively affect the life of another person.

After the operation, everything went smoothly for Vijay.

The guitar turned out to be an invaluable gift.

He could practice a lot, and learned so many tunes.

Now, every day Vijay goes to lead the small children’s kiirtan!

Singing together Baba Nam Kevalam,

Love is All

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