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The Tree-Planting Ceremony

The top of Baan Unrak hill is a very special place.

It is where we practice meditation collectively, at the Pagoda, and it is where our water supply gets energized in the nearby Water Tank.

Over time, this place is becoming so blissfully vibrated.

In previous years, we had planted a series of trees highly conducive for meditation around the water tank. They are Neem tree, Banyan tree, Bodhi tree, Cotton Silk tree, Wooden Apple tree…

It has been very nice to meditate here since we planted these trees. We can really feel that the energy is very pure.

But the circle was not closed yet. In fact, we had left a gap for a sixth very special tree, that we couldn’t plant due to construction work.

On this special day we planted the missing tree: a little Indian Goosberry tree.

Each of us poured water on the freshly planted tree, while we recited auspicious words all together:

May the tree planted today prove felicitous for us with its fruits, flowers, fragrance, floral nectar, leaves and shade…
May we ourselves prove helpful to the tree through our regular service in providing manure, water and sunshine to it.
We shall lovingly and carefully tend this highly beneficial tree.

The philosophy of Neo-Humanism teaches to all of us that…

We are a Cosmic Family. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Humans, animals, plants… all the created universe.

It is our duty to Love and Serve all.

To enjoy the ceremony as the birds saw it… Fly with us over Baan Unrak, in the video below:

Now that the missing piece of the puzzle has come into place, we feel more complete.

All the community of Baan Unrak enjoys very special meditation now, after the planting of the sixth tree.

Is it the purity of mind of the children? Or is it the circle that has been closed…? Or is it… the power of the little tree?

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