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Welcoming a New Year

A surprise

It all started with a surprise, as often happens in such occasions at Baan Unrak. Bidding farewell to 2019 was one of those special moments.

The children put up a little show for Didi in the evening, to thank her once again, for everything. And so they performed a piece of theater, then sang songs together, and finally gave Didi some presents.

The Night Celebration

All the Home of Joy gathered down at the football field for a collective meditation, the last of 2019.

A beautiful fire was burning, and we were standing all around it holding hands, singing that Infinite Love is All There is – Baba Nam Kevalam.

Didi invited every one of us to let go into the fire of all the negative things, all the negative thoughts, the pain, the hurt, the sadness, in order to start anew. And so, with cupped hands we offered to the fire all the bad, to let it burn. Then we lit lanterns that took flight up in the sky, to which we sent our best wishes for the new year.

The Morning Kirtan

We welcomed the first day of the year at our beloved Pagoda, at the top of the hill were our Home sits. From up here, we could see the first rays of sun shining from behind the mountains over the lake, warming us, while singing the universal mantra as one, in a gorgeous, pure vibration of Love.

Happy 2020 to all of you!

Stay tuned for the next article, to find out about all the fun we had lately in the day..!

And click below to see how we welcomed the previous years:

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