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What happened when Mom was not in the home

Many things were planned when our Meyai (big mother) left the home to go fundraising and renew her visa abroad.

There was a plan A and B for everything.

Nothing worked out.

The weather was certainly not on our side. It has never rained so much in Sangklaburi during the last 10 years.

The children became sick!

The nurses were sick too!

There were many trips to see the doctor.

Two children got Dengue Fever and needed to stay in Hospital. We have not had dengue fever in Baan Unrak for a very long time. There were no adults that could go to assist the children.  Only our lovely teenager, Sandaso, had happily given up not only school time but also her holiday to help her friends in the hospital.

In the meantime, the pest control sanitized all our house by spraying mosquito repellent.

Our house was turned into a battleground against mosquitoes.

It was also very hard for our little Ishvari, a child taken care of by Meyai, who too became sick with flu and a cough.

The first care-giver (plan A) became sick, then the second care-giver (plan B) became sick too. The only one who could take care of little Ishvari was the cleaner, that had to make the sacrifice and stay with us all day and night.

The Lake water rose up again and covered up the rest of our vegetable garden, and trees had  fallen.

The water came dangerously close to our precious solar panel and pump inverter.

Luckily our construction manager motivated all the teenager’s boys and male adults in the home to come to the lake side, rebuild the structure for the panels, moving it more uphill on top of the construction stock room.

Everybody worked hard and everything was saved.

The hero of the home.

Me Aye Aye San, coordinating all the operation whilst sick, coughing, and taking the task of solving the problems that were cropping up from every corner.

The last and most painful thing for the children was that Mother’s day was quickly approaching.

Mother’s Day is a big thing for the Baan Unrak children.

The mother is the whole world for these children

It would have hurt them badly if they were not able to celebrate this sacred day with their Mom.

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