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What is Mom doing outside the home?

It was a necessity for Didi to leave Thailand. A mistake was made whilst submitting the usual application for the visa extension. The due date was approaching and she needed to exit and re-enter Thailand.

It is not easy for the mother of the house to leave. There are many things to be done, to prepare and money is always an issue.

It was all prepared for a long and uncomfortable trip to the neighboring country, but then some very kind sponsors offered a comfortable flight instead, to an important meeting at the annual Asian Pacific Conference for the Youth of Sai Baba.

It was an occasion not to be missed. As the sponsor planed, Didi presence there was to inspire youth to became active in service.

Everything was perfect. Didi arrived in comfort at Kuala Lumpur Airport. The anxiety was only for Didi’s companion. She was praying for something to happen. Something very important to her. Unknown to Didi, she was praying for a surprise meeting with her spiritual master and for Didi, a vegetarian meal without onions and garlic. (Didi’s strict food discipline did not allowed garlic and onion which Sai Baba members eat in almost every dish).

To Didi’s companion’s extreme delight, she got both.

At this incredible chance meeting with the spiritual master there were no introduction, nor exchange of words necessary. Just a nod in recognition. Everything was understood and acted upon.  While he was distributing sweets to the people around he nodded to Didi to come forward and pressed in her hands an envelope containing a much needed donation.

Didi felt lighter as if a great burden had lifted from her shoulders. There was also some chocolate. She felt happy about that too, imagining her children’s happy smiles (Didi herself never eats chocolate). It was a great honor to be among these pure hearted people. To the satisfaction of Didi’s companion, the catering for the first time in the history of Sai Baba meeting was given to Hari Krisna, that are pure vegetarians – without onion and garlic. Another unspoken subtle arrangement that is most likely to happen near a true master.

The second meeting was as magic as the first. On this occasion, Sai Baba said words of appreciation and revealed some very touching aspects of Didi’s life services. He indeed started a movement towards the welfare of Baan Unrak. Inspired by his actions and words, many youth and senior members came forwards to offer their services.

It was a rare insight into the whole-hearted simple devotion. A sojourn in the goodness of people hearts.

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