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Whilst in Italy

It has been just over a week since Didi left to go to Italy  to do some fundraising, attend seminars and meet with governmental officials. More to follow…..

The week started with the children having to  go back to school. Like most children who like to test their limits when their parents are away from home, so did the children at Baan Unrak, pretending to be sick until the staff instigated that they would have to go to the doctor.  Soon enough they were feeling all better and were dressed, ready to go to school.

Over the weekend the children picked up their end of week duties without hesitation, attending to the farm and taking care that their home is nice and clean. Everyone worked with the devotion as they usually do when Didi is home.

On Sunday, some volunteers decided to take the children swimming to pass the time, and also to help them enjoy their weekend. Like little otters, they they were excited and ready to go explore the water. something they never get enough of.

But this does not stop them waiting for Didi to come home.

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