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Working in a restaurant

Baan Unrak Bakery and Restaurant is one of our projects, that helps children to develop new skills like cooking, baking, making drinks and serving food.

Experienced cooks share the knowledge with the new generation. Boys and girls learn, how to bake cheese bread and pizza and how to cook traditional Thai cuisine.

Making our famous cheese bread is an act of art.

Mm, smells delicious. Cannot wait to taste!

Cooking tom yam and other Thai dishes under a supervision.

Exposure to food preparation and baking introduces children to cooking techniques, flavors, and ingredients. They develop a passion for culinary arts and gain skills that can be pursued in our children's home, in future personal life and even professionally.

Developing a new drink menu in our restaurant.

Quality control passed!

Working directly with customers teaches empathy and patience. Children learn responsibility for their actions and the impact they have on the team and understand the importance of various customer needs, handling complaints diplomatically, and providing excellent service – skills valuable in any part of life.

Even though children work only a few hours a day, it is a great way to explore their talents and interests, develop new skills and earn some pocket money.

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