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Working with fire

Baan Unrak children are skilled in many ways.

Now they are making charcoal out of the wood they collect while cleaning the area.

Bigger children use a chainsaw to cut dead trees into pieces.

Children work under the guidance of an adult, Baan Unrak graduate.

They place the wood into a prepared hole in the ground.

They set the fire and cover it with iron and soil, so no air will come inside.

The burning process keeps going under the cover for a whole day or even a few days.

When the process has finished, the children remove the cover.

They pour water on the coal to cool it down.

When the coal is no longer smoldering, it can be removed from the pit and let cool completely.

Children pack cool and dry charcoal into the bags.

Now it can be used to prepare the herbs for Ishvarii's bath! Or for any other purpose.

Of course, children are always children, even when they are doing serious work like this.

Great to see how even when being a little bit silly, they take care of each other.

While learning how to utilize natural resources efficiently, they also reveal the wildness of their beautiful souls.

We are happy to witness them growing up strong and free.

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