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Yoga in the House

Early morning while the sun is still asleep, the air is crisp and the roosters crowing, the children had just been done with their meditation when our volunteer, Roshni would step in to the room to deliver her lesson. As the new week begins, children of Baan Unrak get to engage in new activities, Morning Yoga Flow.

Our yoga class is separated into different days for boys and girls, each taking place twice a week.Immediately after meditation ends at 5.30 Am, everyone gets on their mat and the class starts with some rounds of Sun Salutation to warm the body up. Of course, it is not children if they don’t come with some moaning and whining😊They do it from time to time whenever they find particular asana is hard to get into.But despite it all, we would see perseverance and diligence shown till the class is through.

Practicing Yoga can certainly help the children feel more prepared in facing their days that can be stressful at times. Holding each pose for several counts of breaths, helps children learn about body awareness and self-esteem. It is also beneficial to enhance their concentration and sense of calmness.

We are excited to follow the progress of the children and sure hope with daily practice, yoga will help brings that marvelous Inner light within each child to the surface 😊

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