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Young Artists

In Baan Unrak we are so proud that we have amazing children. They are so quiet and so nice that we sometimes don’t notice them. Now as they grow up and become teenagers we see their quality and spirit that they bring to the home.

Rochana was very quiet and one of our most intelligent students. She is getting an “A” in all of her subjects in school. She has an amazing ability in dancing, extremely natural.  And now she comes forward to inspire the little ones and her friends to dance together with her. In the dance group we also have Praipana and Mali helping Rochana. They are all very good dancers, very good yoga performers and great singers.

One of our older children, Anupet, came back to Baan Unrak. He is a gifted guitarist and sweet child. Now he is leading our meditation sessions with new music of babanam kevalam. He is going to give our children guitar lessons.  He is also the inspiration for the Baan Unrak band. In the Baan Unrak band we have Anupat the guitarist, Baleoo the drammer, Samuella the bass, Praipana and Mimisan as singer. They are all interested in music and enjoy playing together.

Our old yoga Acrobatic group is no longer but before dissolving some of the big children such as Aye Aye took the responsibility and duty to bring the knowledge to the younger children together with Latika. Unfortunately, now Latika hurt her foot. Aye Aye will teach the yoga positions. Latika will run the group by going to performances and make sure to keep a positive group spirit as she knows every yoga position.

Now we are only missing one thing which is a singing group.  We know some of our children are amazing singers. So we hope to inspire the next leader to create a group of singers.

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