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Who We Help

The primary part of our mission is our children's home which provides food, housing, emotional support and opportunities to over 150 vulnerable children from Thailand and  Burma including the neighboring Mon and Karen States.  We also employ housemothers who provide love and care to all the children, and especially the infants. All in all, Baan Unrak provides shelter for over 190 people in need.


You can read more about our Sangklaburi here.

A Safe, Wholesome Home

We provide an environment which cultivates universal love for all beings through the guiding principals of Neo Humanism.


Working with this philiosophy, the children eat healthy vegetarian foods, meditate and perform yoga daily.

Spiritual Health

How We Help

Many of our children were unable to be educated prior to living into our community. We work with the Baan Unrak school to help them get "caught up" on their studies.


All of our children attend school and a number of our children have attended university.


Children rise early for meditation and then a wholesome vegetarian breakfast with some of the vegetables coming from our farm.


Our children are cared for house mothers who try to instill good values.  

The breakdown of a family is tramatic for any child, but losing contact with siblings can dramatically worsen the affects.  To offset this, we try to keep brothers and sisters in our village.


As the boys grow, we have them live in our new boys home which is next door to our main home.

Keeping Families Together
Our  Goals

Our aspiration for all of our children is that they  further their education to the best of their abilities and that they transition into a "normal" life.  

We have some success stories like Abbha who has graduated from university and is now happily married.

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