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A fresh morning, a fresh start

The first child in our home to wake up and see 2019 was Ishvari. She opened her deer-like eyes as Didi was leaving the home.

Didi took her up the hill to the meditation area, just before 5 am. Ishvari’s dark eyes and little hands were wide open, as if to feel and absorb all the Universe within herself. She was listening intently to all the sounds of the night, with the only sense that remain unaffected by the devastating illness of 4 years before.  She was a bit intimidated by the darkness, but excited by the new experience. She witnessed the beginning of this new year in all its glory.  The first candle lit the first song sung. The first ray of the sun! Excitedly and with a jolt of joy she heard the soft step of the first child coming.

 The children came one by one much earlier than we expected. By 7 am, we were all there to feel the pure morning air and to meditate on the coming of the new year.

A message was read. A massage that will remain with us for the rest of the year to contemplate and to master.

Today, under Didi’s window. a group came purposely to wave and to send their greetings for the New Year and to all our sponsors, friends and supporters.

In this special day we want you to know that you are a very important part of our lives. And, without you, we would not be what we are today.

Thank you so much for being with us in our journey of life.

Greetings and wishes for a glorious New Year!

Didi and Children

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