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A GREAT ADVENTURE - Climbing a Mountain in the Jungle

Our boys had a great time on a 2-days expedition in the jungle...

Let's go!

Follow the river...

A Natural Swing!

Let's move together...

Helping each other

Walking, walking, walking...

Collecting Fern leaves

...we love to eat them in the Soup!

Taking a break in the trees!

Deep in the jungle,

We encountered...

A Tribesman!

Then it got dark...

Camping for the night

Cooking, and warming up, by the fire

The night was cool,

We slept under the stars...

DAY 2:

Good Morning!

Waking up by the river...

Breakfast time!

Sharing our food with friends...

Drying clothes (and shoes!) by the fire


Let's Go!

Now we are really


We made it!

...all the way to the Top!

Very tired... but happy!

Someone still has energy to play

Time to get down.

...It's a long way back!

Sliding all the way!

Enjoy the video of the adventure:

Click to watch it!

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