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A Group of Volunteers from Japan visited Baan Unrak

On December 30th, Baan Unrak welcomed a group of volunteers from Japan, who spent eight days assisting the home and school.

Joni Longden, an English teacher from Shiga prefecture, organized and promoted the visit and enlisted the help of 10 other teachers. The group included expats from America, England, Scotland, Canada and France.

The group had all done individual and group fundraising projects, and donated generously to Baan Unrak and the school.

During the week, the children really enjoyed interacting with their new volunteer friends, playing games, doing Japanese calligraphy, karate and a whole host of other activities. As well as sharing their home countries’ cultures, the volunteers were able to share Japanese language, music and customs.

The children were thrilled to have volunteers so close to them to attend  their daily meditation and to accompany them to sell in the local market.

Volunteers and children had a great time bonding. Every single child in the home interacted and joined in the collective activities.  The volunteers brought so much joy and every one loved them. We were especially happy when they sponsored and  painted the  ramp for our handicapped children with joyful and bright colors.

As experienced English teachers, the volunteers did a very great job in the school for the school’s environmental project.

On the final day at Baan Unrak the children had prepared a  farewell ceremony. The whole group including the very little children performed a variety of songs and dances. It was so cute and it was followed up by a small party. In the end no one wanted to leave – there were many teary eyes during final goodbyes.

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