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A lot of gifts on Baba's Birthday

On the full moon of May, every year we celebrate Baba's birthday. He is important to us, being our inspiration and our loving guide through life. He is the Father of Baan Unrak.

On this day, the children got a lot of chocolate and coconut cakes.

This year is particularly special. Thanks to our sponsors from Singapore, we were able to give all our children gifts on this special day. We also took a moment to express our gratitude to the most dedicated and sincere children and caregivers in our big family.

But even more magical was that we received a new four-wheel drive car just before the celebration! We truly needed it for our relief efforts, and it will allow us to venture deep into the jungle to help more people. This was a gift given to us by our sponsors, right in time for Baba's birthday.

We held a car blessing ceremony.

Even though it is Baba's birthday we cannot give him a physical gift, we can give him only our love and gratitude.

But we wanted to do the things that he used to love the most.

He loved the mantra "Baba Nam Kevalam," which means "Love is all." He wanted this world to be drenched in love.

We started to sing "Baba Nam Kevalam" at 5 o'clock in the morning.

We witnessed the sunrise at 6:07, the same time he was born 102 years ago.

We sang continuously for 3 hours as the sun continued to rise.

Then we took 10 minutes of silence to meditate on the love that unites all things in this universe.

After opening our hearts to the world of all living beings, it was time for the second thing he loved the most: serving and helping others.

We immediately sprang into action, setting out with our newly gifted car for a special relief mission. Many people have recently fled their homes in Myanmar to escape the war and are in urgent need of our help.

The car can handle very difficult roads. It will be extremely useful during the upcoming rainy season.

Working as a team, children and graduates brought the essentials to 80 families.

We are proud to be part of the Baan Unrak mission, which goes beyond being a children's home. Being a part of Baan Unrak means bringing hope to the entire community.

In the end, it was a wonderful day that started very early with a celebration and ended late at night with a feeling of fulfillment and gratitude.

We wish that everyone lives in safety from this day forward. On our part, we will do everything within our capacity to make it come true.


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