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A new life came to Baan Unrak

Two weeks ago suddenly someone called out at the Baan Unrak main gate. It was a man with a little bundle hanging across his shoulder. He had a brief conversation with our main staff and the bundle was turned over.

Everybody’s curiosity was awakened, as everybody wanted to know what was in there.  It looked so humble and yet it seemed so precious. Dramatically our stuff opened the lunghi cloth and be hold! There was a little baby in it no more than a week old. There was an outcry from many people. Wow!!! How can it be??? Who is that man??? Do not let him go. We cannot take a baby like that. Stop him… Do not let him go…

The man did not go. He did not actually want to go away from the Bundle. He was the father.

As it turned out the man was also the step father of two children here at Baan Unrak.   The mother was arrested about four weeks ago and she was pregnant. She gave birth in the jail, and jail is no place for a baby.

The father seemed very concerned about his child and he wanted us to take care of him. We agree but also offered to stay and work with us while we take care of the infant’s needs. He had other commitments that could not be cancelled. We needed a quick solution, and luckily, we found one.  The first care taker who saw the baby felt an immediate attraction for the tiny baby. She definitively wanted to take care of him. He was called Tang War, which means December in Thai.

Tang War came so close to the departure of Aye Aye’s mother, MyaWin,  that we just wondered about him. He dispelled some of the gloom that came over us after her passing. He helps to fill the emptiness we feel for MyaWin. He brought  energy and happiness to us. A new life came to Baan Unrak.

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