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A Royal Outing

Three times a year our Nursery children, followed by the single moms and the care-mothers, go out for a picnic.

They have been to many different places in the past. But now it's time to visit a very special place, right in our backyard... the Lake!

On the lake there is a mysterious island... that appears and disappears depending on the rainfall.

Now, it was a very propitious moment...

as our little island appeared again... our little Royalty went to conquer it!

The Royal Parade walked through the forest to reach the lake.

On the way...

they stopped by the Monkey Kingdom.

The children went to find Hanuman... the Monkey King!

Hanuman is the embodiment of Devotion and Loyalty to his king, Rama.

Every king in the world would love to have such a devoted servant.

The children reached the Royal Pavilion,

floating on the Lake.

In the epic story...

King Rama had to go from India to Sri Lanka to free his wife, queen Sitta, who was kept prisoner by the bad king Ravana...

That was so far... so all the monkeys of the forest, led by Hanuman, came to help to build a bridge from India to Sri Lanka.

Even the little squirrels came to help, bringing little stones...!

Our little Royalty also joined in the quest to free queen Sitta!

Our Princes and Princesses are crossing the Bridge,

built by Hanuman's army of all the animals of the forest!

Now, it's time to fix our crowns..!

After the great adventure, there's a time to relax and eat, enjoy...

After freeing queen Sitta, the children got their reward... in the form of sweets!

They enjoyed them while floating on the lake.


Baan Unrak organized an assembly of Kings,

all gathered around the Round Table...

...discussing future adventures!!!

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