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A Special Encounter

The month of March was a very exciting one for Baan Unrak.

The children were in a vortex of activities. They were studying for the exam and at the same time, they were making plans for the holiday. Many things did happen around us all the time. The volunteers were flooding in Baan Unrak once again, and they made us all happy as so many new possibilities and opportunities were opening up in front of our eyes.

On 19th Didi took advantage of a school break – when the teachers needed time to grade the children – to take a group of children to perform in Bangkok for a very unique event.

The spiritual organization Sai Baba had their very special meeting with the visit of their Master, and we were invited to perform for them.

It was a perfect fit to be free during their function. We practiced a lot and with the help of sister Lia we adapted our performance in tune with their values and ethics. We had what we thought was just perfect, but a day before the performance, the children were still falling all over each other and doing the wrong steps.

It was ethic to find the proper uniform and printing t-shirts to reflect our and their values – LOVE ALL-SERVE ALL, HELP EVER-HURT NEVER – for the yoga and Indian dresses for the performance.

There were many things to adapt and change, and when the great day came, we had to make adjustments and fix again our performance, as the seating arrangement was different than it was supposed to be.

The visitors and guests all arrived, and we were waiting with trepidation the guest of honor that would have given us the signal of the beginning of all.

When he came there was a wave of bliss, and his followers couldn’t stop singing mantras and devotional songs until he saw the children and asked about them. Baan Unrak was introduced and the children performed. The performance was flawless and Lia and all the audience were ecstatic. Their guest of honor was also very impressed. And he showered over them a lot of attention. We can say that we were truly blessed.

We have a lot of hope from this meeting that small groups of Sai Baba’s volunteers could come often to do service to our place. Some of the members had already committed for Breakfast support and higher education for children. Now there are talks about how to increase the support, especially for education.

Hopefully, all this will be materialized, as the Vibuti for our little Ishvari and the gold locket were suddenly materialized during this special encounter in the hand of our brother Madhusudan.

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