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Adventures At Sea

This holiday season we’ve been lucky to go on vacation. This time we went to Pattaya! A generous sponsor invited us to his place: a big house immersed in the nature that could fit all of us easily. A perfect place to play our classic “holiday games”!

We also found a nearby school yard, the perfect space to play some more!

Our host was very friendly and helpful. He also brought us to his favorite museum in town: a temple with a collection of Chinese art. We really enjoyed seeing the paintings and sculptures through our sponsor’s knowledgeable eyes.

In the late afternoon, we would always go to the sea. We found our quiet spot in the southern tip of Pattaya bay, with the skyscrapers of the city in the background. The children loved playing, splashing and swimming in the golden light of sunset.

The children were divided into groups to perform the daily duties of cooking and cleaning. The same groups played against each other in the games, and every activity was given a score. Even the best ones to cook were awarded… 40 points! At the end of the vacation, the winners would be proclaimed.

The Island

One day, our volunteers wanted to give the children a special experience, and so we went to Koh Lan, a small island in front of Pattaya. We went to the pier, took the ferry and sailed across the sea.

Once on the island, we looked for a quiet spot away from the mass of tourists. And so, from the main beach we walked along the rocks, exploring… until we could see a solitary beach in the distance. Full of joy, we climbed further.

When we got there, the sight before our eyes was disarming: plastic, plastic, plastic, and more plastic. Rubbish everywhere. Once an idyllic natural place, now ruined by humans. It’s alarming to see what we are doing to our planet.

The dismay of the grownups was counterbalanced by the unshakeable positive attitude of the children that – being special, pure creatures – were able to see beyond the piles of rubbish. In no time, they were already at work building a raft with all that waste material. It was surreal, poetic to witness.

What would have been a failed excursion for the grownups, became another exciting day in the life of the children. It was a great lesson for us adults.

Not only Pattaya…

Some other children spent the vacation time in Bangkok. Others went to Burma (Myanmar) accompanied by our teenager-in-charge Aye Moe. According to the reports – and we have no doubt about it – they all had a lot of fun too!

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