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An act of kindness

We had guests here in Baan Unrak. They were 4 kind ladies from the Wilai foundation Australia.

They have been helping and loving a very sweet little girl named Wilai. They wanted to extend their love to more children who shares the same story as her. Here in Baan Unrak they found 100 children with similar story.

Many of our children are like Wilai Stateless. They always carry the agony never knowing if one day they will be deported to a faraway place. Never knowing if they will be allowed to study.  Always having a stamp that they are not worthy enough whilst living in uncertainty.

However, Baan Unrak is a sanctuary. Here we have people fight for the children’s right to exist as a dignify human being. Here the children feel safe and protected. They can allow themselves to be kind and loving. Our guests were amazed of the aura of love that emanate from every child.

They were not only here to meet our children, but they also donated several appliances and kitchenware for the Bakery. An act of kindness to support our goal to become financially independent

Not only did they support our Bakery but they also want to feature the Baan Unrak’s baby clothing line in Australia. Together we went with them to visit with a group of small children.

The children were meant to model the dresses in a natural setting. The Long wooden Sangklaburi’s bridge seemed the most interesting place for this purpose. So this is where we went. The children were enchanting with their child like talks and smiles. They were observing the world. They were so happy to model. They were so happy to be with the passer by. They wanted to share their happiness with them. Very soon they got the opportunity to show their kindness.

As we arrived at the bridge we all noticed the lady with an appearance out of the ordinary. For a moment the children looked at her in an observing manner. Trying in their mind to understand what it was, that was out of place.  But soon enough they did not care about societies standards and they went up to her to see what she was selling, and after a few words of kindness the children shared their love with her and embraced her.

It was an act of kindness that our ladies from Australia will have difficulty to forget. They will always cherish us and remember the little episode on the bridge way. Where our children have shown the most amazing part of themselves.

Love all care for all.

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