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Art For The Heart

The teenagers have been involved in an art therapy laboratory with our Italian volunteer Roberta, a psychologist really keen on art, who deeply believes in art as a door to the soul.

In the laboratory, the unconscious emotions of the children resurfaced. Art therapy is such a powerful expressive mean, capable of connecting people with their deepest feelings. The outcome of the laboratory was very useful for the educators of Baan Unrak, for them to know how to move on to facilitate the children’s growth.

Art can land in places where the conscious mind is unable to go. Art allows us to play, through colors, with parts of ourselves without taking us too seriously. Art allows us to rethink ourselves in order to reach new meanings and new life perspectives.

The first session of the laboratory was titled…

“Who Am I?”

A girl looking at her drawing said:

“I feel myself like this big tree, able with its shadow to protect the little plants and animals under it.”

When the children had finished drawing, Roberta used to spend some time with each of them talking about their drawings. One of them said to her:

“I am like this flower in the water. I need someone to grow up well, as the flower needs water to grow up.”

The next session theme was…

Crumbled Wall: the Power of Transformation

The idea was to start with the image of a crumbled wall and then rebuild it making it colorful and beautiful. Fixing the wall means, in a metaphorical way, to come closer to the tough times of our past, looking at them in a reparative way.

What does “Love” mean for you? What does “Being Loved” mean for you?

Most of the children feel really grateful for the love received and have an idea of love as something capable of saving lives.

If you were an emotion, which one would you be in this moment of your life?

The art therapy laboratory ended with the brightest question of all…

What is your greatest dream?

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