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Baan Unrak 31st Anniversary

We celebrated our 31st Anniversary.

The children received beautiful presents, of things we know they like: some beautiful clothes, made by our mothers at Baan Unrak weaving and sewing center, and also some sweets.

But our celebration was more than that!

Former children of Baan Unrak, now grownups, came back to join the program… with their babies!

We connected online with former volunteers, sponsors and friends.

Everybody enjoyed our children’s performances of dances and songs.

We shared our Love to all the Universe, singing Baba Nam Kevalam, which in Sanskrit means…

Love is All

Children and moms were moving, imitating the rotation of the universe…

We created a living Mandala!

Then, we sat in meditation.

Hopefully, this feeling of Love will touch the heart of those who need it, no matter who they are or where they are…

Here is the video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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