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Baan Unrak is Opening Up!

Everything is blissful about May. The air is sweet, the weather is pleasant and the colors are vibrant. Water comes back to earth with refreshing afternoon rains. The trees that were yellow and brown in the dry season, become now green, blooming with flowers of vivacious colors.

Freshness comes back to our life.

The subtle changes in the nature tell us that changes need to come on other levels too…


Our children’s last operation before the lockdown was a relief program to bring food to the poor of Sangkhlaburi and surrounding. Food provisions that could last for 3 months.

As we are gradually opening up, our first operation outside Baan Unrak is again to bring food to the poorest.


COVID-19 is almost gone and Thai people feel safer. It is time to open our doors, but the children cannot go to school yet, so the school teachers are coming to our Home!

The children are back to study in the mornings, but in a very dynamic way: they move all around Baan Unrak to meet their teachers. One hour here, one hour there… studying becomes more fun!

In the meditation room, the children learn math with Kru (= teacher) Na.

In the room under the dining hall they meet teacher Grace, who teaches them English.

When the hour is over, the next group of children comes…

Then the children move to the library where, for the next hour, they study science and math with Kru Ning.

Meanwhile, in the bamboo hut of the vegetable garden, the smaller children learn Thai language with Kru Ben.

In the farthest corner of the dining hall, the children go to study Thai with Kru Ying.

Even if school classes are held at the Home, the children already started to go outside occasionally, accompanied by their in-charge: Aye Moe for the girls, Tarit for the boys.

They go outside for small errands such as buying vegetables, bringing the garbage to the dump, helping to repair a house in the village, getting coconuts or… for those that got some money doing little jobs at the Home, buying sweets at the convenience store in town.

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