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Baan Unrak’s Volunteer Teaching English

Our Volunteer, Prema, originally one of our very own children at Baan Unrak. She now grown up and teaches our children while waiting to enter university.

Prema also studies on the EWF Global English Proficiency adult programme. There she learns new techniques and language skills which she can pass on to the students in her own classes. She dreams of being able to study English at University in the coming academic year. Having our children becoming teachers and possibly one day returning to help us teach our own children would be a great success and help with sustainability. We realise that we cannot rely on outside help forever, and the way forward is to one day be in a position to help ourselves.

Here you can see Prema teaching the children the verb ‘have’ and how it changes when used in the third person indicative form (third person singular, in the present tense – i.e. “He has …” and first person, “I have …”).

These class pictured is in addition to EWF Globlal’s EP on-site programme and a perfect example of the adult volunteers taking what they have learned from their classes, and then passing it onto the children of Baan Unrak. Well done Prema!

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