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When people come to visit us they think that Baan Unrak is a very peaceful and beautiful place. They adore our loveable children. Nobody could imagine the struggle and sacrifice behind our serenity.

We have a team of dedicated workers that sacrifice on a daily basis to make sure that every single child in Baan Unrakhas the capacity and opportunity to smile.

We have care givers that dedicate their lives for the development of our children. They follow the children 24 hours a day from spanning from infancy to teenager. When the children become teenagers they move in with the older children but their care giver still checks up on them and guards them from afar. All staff take their jobs seriously,  from cooking to cleaning from the office to the guard house – they are unified in their mission to educate and develop our young ones.

Most of the children and staff are from Burma. They share the same struggles. The struggles for citizenship and the right to simply live out their lives freely. The matter becomes graver with age, as they can be fined, arrested, or even deported!

The Burma government is becoming stable, so opportunities in our neighboring country are increasing. As a result, all of the Southeast Asian countries forming the ASEAN trade bloc are increasing mandatory, uniform rules for Visas and Travel Documents.

It is quite difficult as many of our workers are very simple and afraid of authority. They carry worry with them every day, fearing the worst. We apply our best efforts to obey the law and ensure our workers are legal.

Right now we are in frenzy, sending staff back and forth between Sangklaburi, Kanchanaburi, Bangkok and Burma. Every worker’s situation differs and requires special documentation. The process is very time consuming, and taxing on our budget. It is quite difficult for our employees to complete the formalities all by themselves. It is imperative we assist in any way we can.

We are almost done with all the documents. The workers are more relaxed and smile among themselves. We hope they will continue to feel good. If our team feels good, our children will feel good.

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