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Baba's birthday 2023

On the full moon of May, we came to the Pagoda before sunrise to celebrate a special day - the birthday of our Mentor.

The children gave the presents, that Baba likes the most.

I am Dana and I came very early to the Pagoda, at 7 am. I want to give Baba the best gift of all, that is why I closed my eyes and send my love to Him. He does not need anything else. Only love.

I am Nam Pet. I also want to give something. I give Him the most beautiful color of my mind. He will take that. Seems that Baba likes colors. I came very early, but my older brothers and Sisters of Baan Urak came at 5 am.

5 am is the best time for spiritual practice, the start of a new day, silent and pure. The mind is clean from the mundane heaviness.

We are the big children that cook in the morning for all the 150 people of Baanunrak

We feel so peaceful at this early hour. It is a pleasure to be here. Our offering will be our commitment to contribute to a better world.

Baba came to this world 102 years ago. He came just as the sun was rising. It is such a special time. We can feel purity and freshness. It seems that nature is still remembering that memorial moment. It is nature's way to honor Him.

It also is nature's gift to us. 5 am is the time when we can feel the infinite sweetness. This is the time that brings up the best in us. It is the power time for all those who want to be in cosmic harmony.

When we are still free from the heavy mundane feelings, we can enjoy the subtle flow.

The rest of Baan Unrak children come in groups 20 children at a time to keep alive the mantra Baba Nam Kevalam that evocates love in its purest form in all of us.

The rotational dancing gives the feeling of the whole Universe dancing around a Cosmic Nucleus.

At seven our little ones joined the flow with their pure young energy.

We sang and danced for three hours.

Then we sat down for collective meditation. The strong flow was the best gift we could ask for.

It was such a beautiful moment.

We listened to our Didi Chitraleka reading a message that Baba gave a long time ago.

He told us to develop our minds and be committed and zealous.

Finally, we brought out the cake for Baba and enlightened many candles.

The small children surrounded Baba's cake like a human garland, singing the Happy Birthday song for Baba.

Of course, Baba gave it all to us.

Mmm, yummy!

Mmmm Yes, yes


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Steven Loh
Steven Loh
May 22, 2023

So nice to see the kids having so much devotion to their spiritual mentor, Baba.

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