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Bangkok Performance

This summer DiDi took 17 children to Bangkok for a fun getaway. They were able to perform their yoga dance routine five different times for several different audiences and sponsors. This is always a great treat for the children. They love the opportunity to showcase their talents. As well as the ability to practice in front of an audience.

The children were ecstatic to perform in front of our sponsors.

The children were super exited to perform for a real superstar from the television series Day Five. Her name is Stephanie Drapeau and she has been a great advocate for Baan Unrak. Her and her husband were there for one of the performances and then afterwards were kind enough to take a lot of pictures with the kids. Making their day!

Stephanie’s husband, Christian Drapeau and his business partners have had a long history with Baan Unrak. He works with supplements and has been providing our children with a healthy holistic supplement to increase their immunity.

The children had also three chances for a fun pool day with snacks and treats after they were done with the performance. It was a blast!

The kids always like going on fun trips to Bangkok but this visit was especially exciting with all the activities that kept them busy.

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