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Beach Adventure

Some of our children do not have opportunities to visit family or friends over the holiday. In an effort to keep their spirits high and their resolve intact, we try to plan an adventure every year. Pavitra, a long time volunteer of Baan Unrak, came for his annual visit. He brought 29 children to the sea in Ryong. Despite many obstacles and with some delay, they arrived in our friend’s home.

Pavitra was accompanied by another volunteer and two staff members to take care of the children and coordinate fun events for each day. Each morning the children woke up to play team games before going to the beach or lake. On rainy days they played indoor games that included dancing and water sports, and instead of the beach they went to a museum and an aquarium. Evenings were spent huddled around a television watching scary movies and eating snacks.

Pavitra solved the few disputes between children with flair and panache. The entire experience was truly wonderful for both children and adults.

Here are some of our children’s experiences about the trip.


The first day that we came, we were very happy. Lots of things were going on! The car problems made it fun, and we had to stay at Nakom Pa Tom. It meant we got to eat Noodle and see DiDi Anuraga at her house!

On the second day, we cleaned and meditated. After one hour of work and breakfast, games began! The games were very fun and every day we played different games. Every person had a team of 5 people. Our team name was Tangua winner! We loved cooperating. Some games we won, but some games we lost. Helping each other is how you become the real winner!

Every day, after lunch, we went to the sea. This is the third time we went to Ryong, but I was so happy to go! Same as every time, we got a chance to go to the computer shop. The food was delicious and the house was wonderful. Tomorrow we are going back, and while I’m sad, I’m excited to see my friends again!

Bye Bye Ryong! It was nice to see the aquarium and I wanna go see the beautiful fish again next year! Thank you staff and volunteers!

Hope –

My favorite game was EAT n DRINK! I had fun. I got to splash water but I got very dark. I got to find some cool seashells. Thanks to Dada I was able to come enjoy myself.  Everyone in the group is ok, except sometimes Tangua runs away. She is shy. I want to go again – this is from my heart.


My favorite game was EAT n DRINK. I was also very happy to play with the banana boat. Thank you for DaDa and my group was ok. I don’t know if I want to go again – if so many girls go I don’t think I will go.


On the first day we went there were many problems. The car caught on fire because of a shirt that dropped in the car. Thankfully there were people with a good heart who came to help us.

When we finally got into Ryong everyone was tired so the first day was boring. Despite some fights between groups, and a few people not wanting to play, things were fun. Some games were better than others.

The sea was beautiful and we all collected many sea shells to give as gifts to our friends. The children who were able to go were very lucky. One of the days we even got to ride on a banana boat. Other days we built sandcastles and buried our friends’ legs.  The water was very salty, but fun to play in as well.

This is the third time I went to Ryong. This time we got to go to an aquarium and a museum. While it was fun, I was happy to go home at the end! We all got fat eating so many sweets!

Thank you Dada for hosting, Thank you P Mala, Dao, and Nandaoo for cooking, and thank you volunteers for making games. Thank you Didi for sending us!

Janpen –

My favorite games were balloon toss, monkey tails, and blind tag. I was very happy to play in the sea and collect seashells. Thank you Dada for coming to teach about meditation and making pasta to eat for meditation. Everyone is good in the group. Maybe I will go again, I don’t know. I missed home

Sujai –

My favorite game was monkey tail! I loved my time but I became black! I played in the water and slept in the sand. Thank you Dada for cooking pasta. Everyone in my team was good – we helped eachother every day. I don’t know if I will go again though, because I miss my friends.

Paw Kaw Ye–

I liked the flag game. I was happy to play in the banana boat. Thank you Dada for coming to teach about meditation. Everyone in the group was helpful, and I can’t wait to go next year.


This is my first time going, and I’m so happy I went. It was my dream to go to the sea since I was a baby. I got a chance so thank you Didi and the volunteers. I have been in Ryong for ten days. Every day we play games, I cook, and we meditate with the children. I can’t even explain how much fun it was to be there. All the children are lovely, and while some got a little silly they are still cute.

My favorite game was the balloon toss, and one of my favorite memories is the children tricking Pavitra with salt in his drinking water. The aquarium was wonderful and I’m so happy to take photos of so many nice fish.

If I ever get the chance, I would love to go again.

Soleoo –

Monkey tail was the best game ever! While I enjoyed the games, it was nice to relax by the sea as well. Thanks Dada for bringing music to our meditation day to show respect for the king. Our team won! I had fun but I miss home.

Chompoo –

My favorite game were Eat n Drink and Balloon Toss, but I loved them all. I also enjoyed spider net and the flag game. I’m happy to be on the banana boat and collect the seashells. Thank you Dada for making such delicious food for us to eat on King Day. Our group was VERY good. If I get the chance I will definitely go again.

Em –

Of all the games I enjoyed football the most. The water in the sea and the lake were nice to play in. Thanks Dada

Tanaisu –

Eat N Drink was the best game. Thanks Dada for teaching us songs to sing. The sea was nice. I would like to go again, and hope my next group is more helpful


Football and balloon toss were my favorites. I enjoyed cooking, and my group was nice. I want to go again

Narayan –


Karuna –

My favorite games were Eat N Drink and monkey tail. I liked swimming in the sea but I also liked the seashells. My team was good, and I want to go again at least one time!

Prusa –

Flag game was the best! I was happy to play in the banana boat. Thanks for teaching us the meditation and my group was ok. Maybe I’ll go again.

Kirana –

The balloon toss was fun, but I enjoyed collecting seashells the best. Sometimes my group fought but sometimes we worked together well. I’m not sure if I will go again.

Celine –

Rubber jump was the game I enjoyed the most. The sea was my favorite place we went. I liked the pasta Dada made the best. I want to go again.

Tang Kwar–

I’m very happy to go. I don’t know what game I liked most but they were fun to watch even if I didn’t play them all. This was my first time going and I had fun

Fon –

I’m happy to go – this was my first time. I liked playing football the most but the boys don’t know!


I liked Eat N Drink. I was happy to collect the seashells and play in the sea water. My group is ok – sometimes they are like monkeys. Even with the monkeys, I want to play again

Harry –

This is the first time I went. I liked football. I liked the sea a lot. I got to play in the water and in the sand. I was happy to see the big children play and the sea water healed my wounds.

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