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Beautiful Mind

Dipti is a 16-year-old young intelligent girl who has been living in our organization since she was 4. She is one of the smartest kids around here and we got that proof after she received an award for coming first in her entire class. When we asked her which subject was her favorite, she replied without any hesitation, but with enthusiasm that English was. Among her many hobbies, one of her favorites is reading books, and travelling.

Dipti has suddenly emerged as a leader. We did not expect this from her. She has been always so shy and she has kept herself very private.  One day she was just there leading the teenager’s girls. It was amazing as she was easily able to motivate her friends to be energetic and useful.  We feel proud of her.

Dipti has an elder brother who used to stay in Baan Unrak Foundation until he got admission in a different school and who now works as a tourist guide and is also finishing off his studies. Her role model is her brother and she want to be a successful tour guide in Thailand and hopes to explore and experience the country to the fullest.

Dipti also has a younger sister who looks up to her and is as good in studies as she is. Dipti is a kind and an understanding child for her age and she understands that education is a stepping stone that she needs to cross to have a successful and a life that she once hopes to have. She is quite popular among her friends and has a leadership personality.

It is really amazing to see a quiet young child to come forward and set an example for youngsters and elder children by coming forward, filled with enthusiasm, to see a task through.

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